Commercial/Civil Litigation

The Davidoff Law Firm is here to help you through your state and federal litigation needs. Whether litigation is forced upon you and you were served with a lawsuit, or you were aggrieved and desire to pursue your claims through litigation, the Davidoff Law Firm is here to represent you and guide you through the muddy waters of the judicial system. Litigation may be appropriate, or an alternative dispute resolution method may be in your best interest, the Davidoff Law Firm’s goal is to zealously represent its clients to develop and implement an effective and efficient strategy to obtain the best results. No case is too big or small for the Davidoff Law Firm, as we evaluate each client’s claims based on the unique circumstances of each case. The Davidoff Law Firm represents individuals, businesses, and institutions in various types of matters, regardless how sophisticated or complex the issues are, each client is treated as the most important client. The Davidoff Law Firm has handled cases in the state and federal courts of Florida and New York, as well as in matters in California, Georgia , Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Texas, and can handle any matter anywhere!

The Davidoff Law Firm attorneys have over 75 years of litigation experience, during which time they have handled their clients’ claims from simple breach of contract issues to complex business disputes. The range of matters the Davidoff Law Firm has represented its clients in range from breach of contract, business divorces, copyright infringement, lien disputes, fraud matters, business interference, violation of restrictive covenants, unfair and deceptive trade practices, RICO, and many other unfortunate situations.

The Davidoff Law Firm represents clients in:

  • Commercial disputes
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes
  • Intellectual Property protection
  • Contract disputes
  • Real estate matters
  • Collection matters
  • Employment disputes
  • Class action disputes
  • Fraud cases
  • Unfair and deceptive trade practice matters
  • Business interference cases
  • And any other unfortunate situation that arises