Secure Your Families Future with a Will

Do you have a valid will in place or is your existing will updated? The Jonathan Davidoff Law Firm has years of experience helping clients draft an estate plan and taking care of estate administration.

Ensure that your loved ones are financially stable even after your demise with sound estate planning. It’s also important that you periodically update your will to include recent developments so that all your wishes are honored after your death.
Estate Planning Services
Last Will and Testament
 – must be executed pursuant to the Connecticut Statute of Wills to be considered valid
Living Wills
Appointment of Agent for Healthcare Decisions
Power of Attorney
Conservator of Person
Conservator of the Estate
– Intervivos or Testamentary
Estate Administration & Probate

Why is it Important to Periodically Update Your Will?

  • Include recently born children
  • Update the current status of the named parties – name and location changes, death, marital status
  • Update purchase or sale of real estate
  • Track the need or lack of need for a trust fund if a named beneficiary has reached the age of maturity