Grievances and Educational Disciplinary Actions

The lawyers of the Davidoff Law Firm have vast experience in the representation of attorneys, medical providers, pharmacies and students before various disciplinary entities, including but not limited to the New York Department of Health’s Office of Professional Medical Conduct, New York Grievance Committee, the Florida Bar, and numerous educational institutions.  The attorneys of the Davidoff Law Firm have been successful in securing its client’s’ licenses to practice medicine and law in the states of Florida and New York, as well as ensure that its clients’ future are protected and they can continue their educations.


Education Disciplinary Actions

Regardless of whether your child is facing disciplinary actions in elementary school, middle school, high school, college or graduate school, the attorneys at the Davidoff Law Firm know how to represent students and provide a path for them to continue their education without risking their future careers.  If your child is suspended or faces a disciplinary action from his/her school, proper representation must be obtained immediately. Educational institutions have a process, but your child has rights that must be asserted immediately to maximize his/her chance of success. The Davidoff Law Firm knows the important of a child’s reputation and what is on a student’s transcript, which is why we are aggressive and zealous in our representation of students.


Attorney Grievances and Bar Complaints

The attorneys of the Davidoff Law firm are experienced in representing and defending lawyers in professional and ethical matters in which the client is accused of being in violation of his/her professional and/or ethical obligations. An attorney should never ignore or minimize an accusation of misconduct, and should immediately retain counsel to represent and defend him/her.  The Davidoff Law Firm has vast experience in the representation of attorneys in Florida and New York who were accused of misconduct. Whether a current or former client, an adversary, a non-party or a judge accuses you of misconduct, representation should be obtained immediately.  The Davidoff Law Firm prides itself in its vigorous and zealous defense of its clients against grievance complaints and in its representation before the Grievance Committee or the Florida Bar.


Medical Grievances

The Davidoff Law Firm has tremendous experience in the representation of medical professionals before the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) in the investigations, it is critical that they enlist an experienced attorney as soon as possible. The state investigates every complaint, regardless of how much merit the complaint has. However, this does not mean that these investigations should not be taken seriously. The investigations are thorough, and one wrong step could seriously impact the career of the subject of the investigation.  Do not wait until it is too late or further complicate the matter.  Contact the Davidoff Law Firm as soon as you are aware of any investigation or complaint..