The Davidoff Law Firm represents both employers and employees in all types of issues. The Davidoff Law Firm advises and represents employers in not only the defense of claims from employees and independent contractors, but more importantly advises its clients in an attempt to avoid disputes and claims with its employees.  Whether assistance in the development of employee handbooks and rules and regulations for employees, or the preparation of employment agreements, the Davidoff Law Firm seeks to ensure that its clients who are employers are protected from claims by its employees.

The Davidoff Law Firm also represents employees against sexual harassment, gender discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, hostile work environments, and whistleblower claims.

Additionally, the Davidoff Law Firm represents employees in their severance agreements, and in all negotiations relating to its clients prospective, current, and/or former employment.

Employment laws differ from state-to-state, and even city by city.  It is important to know your rights, either as an employer or as an employee, and the Davidoff Law Firm is here to ensure the most successful result for its clients.


While this seems self explanatory it is important to note that on occasion the employer may need defense as well. Just as laws protect the labor, it also protects the employer. In either case, you can rest assured that The Law Offices of Aaron Resnick will exhaust any and all resources to make sure you are being treated fairly.

Labor and Employment laws are an intricate set. They protect and enforce rules and rights that are basic human privileges and when basic human rights are undermined, you will need someone to stand up and fight for you.