The states of Florida and New York provides protection for tenant and landlords under state law. Each party has rights and responsibilities guaranteed to them under the law. When your rights are violated you should contact an attorney at the Davidoff Law Firm. As a landlord there are requirements that must be met to ensure that you are providing a safe and healthy environment to your tenants. Landlords also have a set of mandated guidelines to follow in the event that a tenant is being unruly or violating the terms of their rental agreement in some way.

When a tenant violates their rental agreement a landlord must take specific steps to begin the eviction process. A landlord cannot remove or repossess personal belonging from the rental property; force the tenant to leave the property, change the locks or prevent the tenant from the property in any way until a legal eviction is filed and the disputed is resolved through legal proceedings. Tenants are also bound by legal responsibilities and limitations. A tenant is not allowed to withhold payment from a landlord because the tenant is not satisfied with the conditions of the property or treatment received from the landlord. A tenant must address grievances with the landlord and then take legal action if no agreements can be reached. This is the point where you need to hire an attorney at the Davidoff Law Firm. An attorney at the Davidoff Law Firm can advise you as the tenant or the landlord of your right and responsibilities as well as direct you in the required steps for problem resolution.

Your attorney at the Davidoff Law Firm can file necessary paperwork for you represent you in court and be a general liaison throughout legal proceedings. Landlords that are in breach of legal obligations can be liable for expenses incurred by the tenant due to the landlords breach as well as facing separate civil action depending on the violation. It is strongly recommended that you consult an attorney at the Davidoff Law Firm if you feel that you are being denied rights guaranteed to you under Florida law. While tenants and landlords have different rights and responsibilities under the law each is entitled to fair and equal protection and enforcement of those laws. Consult with an attorney at the Davidoff Law Firm if you have any question regarding your rights and responsibilities. Your attorney will provide you with the best advice for your situation and represent you in court if and when your case goes to court.