The Davidoff Law Firm regularly represents clients in civil and criminal disputes with the Internal Revenue Service as well as local and state tax authorities. The subject matter of the disputes range from failure to file tax returns, failure to report accurate information on tax returns, and failure to pay taxes due and owing. Additionally, the Firm handles employment and sales tax issues for its clients. The Firm works with tax preparers and accountants to negotiate and litigate tax disputes to the benefit of the clients. The Firm guides and represents its clients in criminal matters to attempt to avoid criminal prosecution and limit civil tax penalties.  The Firm represents tax payers in their attempt to negotiate offers to compromise as well as negotiated payment plans with taxing authorities.  Whether litigating with the IRS or negotiating with it, the Firm has the knowledge and experience to obtain the most beneficial results for clients, and to provide the clients with options that most suit their needs.

The Firm represents it clients in conjunction with other tax and accounting professionals for:

  • Defense of IRS, state and local taxing authorities’ audits
  • Representation of clients in IRS and state criminal investigations
  • Representation of clients in IRS and state negotiations and preparation of offers to compromise
  • Tax Whistleblower Representation
  • Defense of trust fund penalty assessments