The Davidoff Law Firm has vast experience and success in defending clients in criminal actions brought by the government for economic crimes. The attorneys at the Davidoff Law Firm has handled cases of all types and sizes, including numerous actions in which its clients’ cases are in the media. The Davidoff Law Firm team consists of former prosecutors and others with vast experience handling targets of criminal investigations, both on the state and federal levels, investigations from FINRA, as well as victims of fraudulent schemes. The Davidoff Law Firm represented former government employees, attorneys, medical professionals, businessmen, investors, and other individuals in all aspects of criminal cases in Florida, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York, Minnesota, and Texas, among other locations.  We can help you through these most difficult times, whether the alleged wrongdoer or the victim.  It is of the utmost importance that a client has the best representation during these difficult time.

Amongst the types of criminal cases the Davidoff Law Firm represents its clients in:

  • Securities fraud, including insider trading and market manipulation
  • Commodities, banking and accounting fraud
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations
  • Antitrust, including bid-rigging and price-fixing allegations
  • Consumer fraud
  • Health care fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Public corruption
  • Obstruction of justice and RICO
  • Ponzi Schemes

The Davidoff Law Firm cares about its clients and in these most difficult times every client is the Firm’s only client!